Providing software and services for the successful management of your large-scale mediation program.

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We provide top-notch administrative support for your large-scale mediation or arbitration program so that you can get the best results from your program.

  • Program planning and implementation
  • Preparing and delivering mediator training materials
  • Mediator interviewing and selection
  • Managing partnerships with mediation centers
  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Call center services
  • Program evaluation
  • Public relations and program-wide communications


Our proven and comprehensive web portal elegantly automates every aspect of a large-scale arbitration or mediation program. The portal is fully customizable to fit the unique needs of your program.

  • Customizable workflow and tasks
  • Scheduling and calendaring
  • Scheduling broker
  • Automated letters, forms, notices, and notifications
  • Batch printing of letters and notices
  • Document exchange
  • Accounting and fee tracking
  • Confidential and public case notes
  • Important date and timeline tracking
  • Custom data fields
  • Location and resource management

100% web-based and tablet-friendly with secure cloud hosting


Disaster Mediation Programs

Mediation Case Manager (MCM) is a division of Canopy Software. We were thrust into the mediation world just after the State of Florida was ravaged by 5 hurricanes and one tropical storm in two years (Charley, Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, TS Arlene). The Canopy software developers scrambled under emergency conditions to construct a case management and scheduling system that would eventually process over 30,000 mediation requests - all from Floridians affected by the storms. Building on a successful mediation model, other large-scale mediation programs were supported.

Foreclosure Mediation Programs

In 2008, the financial markets crashed and left the housing market in ruins. Property values plummeted leaving homeowners underwater with their mortgages. To exasperate the situation, many American workers were left laid off and left looking for work. Foreclosures across the country skyrocketed leaving banks' loss mitigation departments unable to adequately address the high number of mortgage delinquencies. These highly complicated conditions opened the door for mediation to help provide a structured avenue for resolution. Florida was one of the first states to implement a pilot mediation program which led to a Supreme Court-ordered statewide program. In addition to providing operational expertise for this program, the MCM web portal processed tens of thousands of cases and coordinated meetings with multiple participants across the state. Shortly thereafter, a national government-sponsored enterprise implemented a state-wide pre-foreclosure mediation program that also processed tens of thousands of cases.

In 2012, Mediation Case Manager (MCM) provided a wide range of services for the state of Oregon's foreclosure avoidance program. Despite an aggressive timeline, MCM coordinated program implementation activities such as the training and selection of mediators, forging partnerships with dispute resolution centers across the state, employing call center and outreach services, and customizing software to support the unique rules of the program. MCM continues to serve as the provider today.

Environmental Claims Mediation Programs

In 2014, MCM once again was given the opportunity to help parties to resolve conflict surrounding environmental claim disputes. Years of industrial activity along the Portland Harbor led to the EPA designating the Portland Harbor as a superfund site. The Oregon legislature recognized the need to mediate claims between Portland Harbor landowners and their property insurance carriers. in 2000, MCM became the mediation service provider for the Environmental Claims Mediation program for the state of Oregon.

Specialized Programs and Consulting

Mediation Case Manager offers consulting to assist with setting up a large scale mediation program for any problem domain. With over a decade of experience in managing programs our seasoned management team can help navigate pitfalls with designing an effective program. Integrating technology is essential to a successful program. The systems including case management workflow, data collection, and reporting is customized to fit the needs of each program.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

MCM supports the integration of technology into dispute resolution. Online dispute resolution can be beneficial when:

  1. High volume and low value transactions occur.
  2. Situations where parties are distant from one another and face to face meetings are impractical.
  3. Disputes are similar enough in nature where structured logic can accurately lead parties to mutually beneficial outcomes.


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